WARNING craziness

im kyle, im 17, im straight, im geting into hetalia, i love avatar the last airbender and legend of kora, anf Fma ;...fan of kora x mako ; kora x katara ; and fem-america x fem-england
and i listen to just abt evry typ of music except rap and most country


4th July around the world.

Europe: Ok

Australia: Ok

Asia: Ok

Africa: Ok

South America: Ok


Canada: Chill yo tits

England: Wow are you guys still going on about this?

religion and evolution. two halves of the same coin.

ok u all know im not one to talk about religion .. but i have to today i belive in god, and jesus and all that and a heaven and hell im not an athiest!! i just do not belong to a brach of christianity. but is belonging to a religion necessary if u rly believe these things anyway? i mean religion didn’t save anyone, god did -_-.. just my point of view 
… and my personal point of view is this (im srry if this offends somehow im not inteding to step on toes we all have our own views) 
religion and evolution are two halves of the same thing. like i said i believe in god and all that … but at the same time i belive in evolution there is proof of it but at some point something had to create the first thing that started off the evolution that is wear god comes in he made the first things and designed everything but the things he made evolved overtime i mean he didnt put the dinosaur bones in the ground to through us off his scent XDD… this is just my personal veiw.. feel free to state what u think but plz dont start an argument this a peaceful conversation im not saying anyone is right or wrong just saying what i think and we are all giventhe choice to have an opion and we have the right to state them in a peaceful manor